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Volume Unit Conversion Table

The volume of an object refers to the three-dimensional space occupied by that object. You must have encountered with questions like "Up to what weight can the box hold?" or "What is the capacity of the container?" To know the answers of such questions, one need to calculate the volume. When it comes to find the area of a shape then we usually work with two dimensions like squares, rectangles, triangles etc., on the other hand finding the volume requires to work in cubic units. One can find the volume of variety of shapes and sizes.

Although it is not that much tough to calculate volume of an object but still it might become a burdensome task sometimes to calculate the volume as there are some formulas that need to be take into account while calculating volume of objects. Online Conversions is here with its user-friendly volume unit conversions tool that will surely make your calculations swifter and accurate.

Volume of many shapes like cube, rectangular prism etc can be calculated with the help of simple formulas but when it comes to calculate volume of more complicated shapes then it is required to cut into simple shapes and add the volumes for the total. Mathematical methods are also used to estimate the volume of even more complicated shapes. Either you can use of these complex mathematical formulas and calculations get the volume of desired product or there is a more simpler way you can use our easy-to-use Volume Unit measurement conversion tool. Common measurements of volume include liter, cubic centimeters, cubic meters, as well milliliters. Sometimes calculus formulas are also used to identify the volume of an object or shape but with online conversions tool calculating volume is just a matter of few seconds.

All this can be done easily with the help of this online conversions tool.

Most often used Volume Unit measurement conversion
barrels (petroleum) to gallons (fluid) (bbl to gals) converter
1 barrel (petroleum) (bbl, bo) is equal 42 gallons (fluid) (gals)

gallons (fluid) to barrels (petroleum) (gals to bbl) converter
1 gallon (fluid) (gal) is equal 0.023809523809524 barrel (petroleum) (bbl, bo)

cubic feet (ft³) to cubic yards (cu ft to yd³) converter
1 cubic foot (ft³, cu ft) is equal 0.037037037037037 cubic yard (yd³)

cubic yards to cubic feet (ft³) (yd³ to cu ft) converter
1 cubic yard (yd³) is equal 27 cubic feet (ft³) (cu ft)

cubic meters to cubic yards (m³ to yd³) converter
1 cubic meter (m³) is equal 1.3079506193144 cubic yards (yd³))

cubic yards to cubic meters (yd³ to m³) converter
1 cubic yard (yd³) is equal 0.764554857984 cubic meter (m³)