Fuel Consumption Conversions

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Fuel Consumption Conversion Table

With the fluctuating and increasing petrol and diesel prices, everyone takes fuel consumption as the major consideration while purchasing a new vehicle. If one chooses most fuel-efficient vehicle, driving in a fuel-efficient way, and using the vehicle when essentially required then one can save big bucks in fuel and money. Fuel efficiency, fuel economy and fuel consumption are interrelated concepts. Fuel efficiency is actually a form of thermal efficiency that converts chemical potential energy contained in a carrier fuel into kinetic energy. Vehicles’ fuel efficiency can be expressed as fuel consumption and fuel economy. Fuel economy is the distance traveled per unit volume of fuel used while fuel consumption is the amount of fuel used by a vehicle per unit distance and it is reciprocal of fuel economy i.e., the more fuel a vehicle consumes, the less efficient it is.

Generally, fuel consumption is expressed as miles per gallon (MPG) but now-a-days it is also expressed in litres per 100km (L/100km). If one desires to calculate litres per 100 kilometres (L/100km), then it is required to first calculate the Kilometers per Litre (km/L) and then divide 100 by the value obtained by km/Litre. In order to provide you an easy access to fuel unit conversions, Online Conversions is here at your service with online fuel consumption unit conversion tool that offers easy, quick and accurate conversions between many units of measure.

By utilizing our powerful online unit conversion one can convert from one fuel unit into another in a matter of seconds. The fuel consumption unit converter tool is designed by our experienced staff members and it is capable to convert instantly between kilometers per liters, liters per 100 km, miles per gallon and other metric units. Using the converter tool is also very simple, what you need to do is just to select the unit to convert from in the left box and choose the unit to convert to in the right box and then the result will instantly appear in the Result box.

Conversions of units:
miles per US gallon ? L/100 km: 235 / mpgUS = L/100 km
miles per Imp. gallon ? L/100 km: 282 / mpgImp. = L/100 km
L/100 km ? miles per US gallon: 235 / (L/100 km) = mpgUS
L/100 km ? miles per Imp. gallon: 282 / (L/100 km) = mpgImp.