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Energy, Work and Power are such units that seem inter-related to each other in some of the terms. Daily in our everyday life we deal with units of energy and power. Cars and electric motors are sold by Horsepower, ACs by Tons or British Thermal Unit (BTUs) per hour, natural gas by Therms, light bulbs by Watts, electricity by Kilowatt-Hours etc. However, energy and power might seem like identical but there is a slight difference. Energy can be converted into other forms like light, heat, moving and elevated mass and power is the rate at which energy is converted for example 1 Watt equals to 1 Joule/second.

Plainly speaking, power is a physical quantity that describes the amount of energy consumed in any given unit of time. In Physics it is defined as the ratio of work to time where work refers to the amount of force required to move a body along the distance. In other words power is a sign of a machine’s capacity to perform a task. Power is measured in watt (W). However, other units of power include horsepower (hp), ergs per second (erg/s), foot-pounds per minute. Power is calculated with the help of formula P = dW/dt, where dW is the amount of work and dt stands for time.

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