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The volume is defined as the quantity of three-dimensional space within closed boundary. Generalized definition that gives a better perspective is that the capacity of the container is its volume. The unit of volume is derived from the unit of length. For example, the length of the side defines the volume of the cube. If a cube, whose side is of 1 cm, then its volume would be cubic centimeter (cm3).

However, the International System of Units (SI) acknowledges cubic metre (m3) as the standard unit of volume.

Similarly, the metric system has its own unit; its standardized unit of volume is litre (L).

That is 1 litre is equal to 10 cm3

Similarly, 10 cm3 = 1000 cubic centimetres = 0.001 cubic metres.

Standardized units make volume unit conversions easy, however, when large number are involved, unit conversion can get tricky. To make your work easy, we have tabled all the volume related units that you will ever need. Just put in your value, and it will be converted into desired unit, simultaneously.

All this can be done easily with the help of this online conversions tool.

Most often used Volume Unit measurement conversion
barrels (petroleum) to gallons (fluid) (bbl to gals) converter
1 barrel (petroleum) (bbl, bo) is equal 42 gallons (fluid) (gals)

gallons (fluid) to barrels (petroleum) (gals to bbl) converter
1 gallon (fluid) (gal) is equal 0.023809523809524 barrel (petroleum) (bbl, bo)

cubic feet (ft³) to cubic yards (cu ft to yd³) converter
1 cubic foot (ft³, cu ft) is equal 0.037037037037037 cubic yard (yd³)

cubic yards to cubic feet (ft³) (yd³ to cu ft) converter
1 cubic yard (yd³) is equal 27 cubic feet (ft³) (cu ft)

cubic meters to cubic yards (m³ to yd³) converter
1 cubic meter (m³) is equal 1.3079506193144 cubic yards (yd³))

cubic yards to cubic meters (yd³ to m³) converter
1 cubic yard (yd³) is equal 0.764554857984 cubic meter (m³)

Volume Unit Definition:
Volume - a space any substance occupies or contains in a three dimensional space. While the Si unit for volume is the cubic meter, it is too big for common use and has been replaced with the liter (1 cubic decimeter) in everyday life.