Cooking Unit Conversion

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Having a hobby or hobbies is very important as it is a best way to relieve your everyday stress. You must have encountered people with varied set of hobbies like music, photography, reading & writing, collecting coins and antics, and to name a few. Besides all these common hobbies, cooking is the most common hobby that many people have. Cooking as a hobby has many advantages as it just not only makes you learn new dishes and train you to become a qualified cook but it is also the best way to please your friends and family members.

While learning varied recipes from different parts of the world, we come across with different units of measurement. The quantities of ingredients in recipes are generally specified by weight i.e., by volume or by count. Different ingredients are measures in different ways all across the world like liquid ingredients are usually measured by volume universally while dry bulk ingredients such as flour and sugar and small quantities of salt and spices are commonly measured by weight and by volume. Meats and eggs are specified by weight or count. Now, if you love cooking for the sake of interest or it is one of your favorite hobby or you take cooking as a bright career option for you. In any of the mentioned condition, you must be acquainted with various kitchen measurements being used across the world.

While making recipes, you might need to convert from tablespoon to teaspoons, cups to tablespoon, pint to cup, gallon to quarts, ounces to pound, milliliter to cubic centimeter, inch to centimeters etc. However, various measuring units used in cooking include liters, gill, cubic meters, teaspoon, dram, tablespoon, quart, gallon, cup, pint, fluid ounce and to name a few. As mentioned above, cooking units are measured either in volume, weight or quantity and converting between a weight unit to a volume unit is not easy as it requires one to know the density of that particular ingredient. Taking the same problem into consideration, Online Conversions has designed a cooking unit conversion tool that helps users to convert between different units of weight and volume. With the help of our cooking unit conversion table, one can easily convert a cooking unit into another like how many ounces are there in a gallon, number of ounces in a quart or number of ounces in a tablespoon.

Most often used Angle Unit measurement conversion
drops to milliliters converter
1 drop is equal 0.051342933268919 milliliter

milliliters to drops converter
1 milliliter is equal 19.476877076 drops)

gallons [US, fluid] to liters converter
1 gallon [US, fluid] is equal 3.785411784 liters (L)

liters to gallons [US, fluid] converter
1 liter is equal 0.26417205235815 gallon [US, fluid]

tablespoons [US] to milliliters converter
1 tablepoon [US] is equal 14.78676478125 milliliters (mL)

milliliters to tablespoons [US] converter
1 milliliter is equal 0.067628045403686 tablepoon [US]

teaspoons [US] to milliliters converter
1 teaspoon [US] is equal 4.92892159375 milliliters (mL)

milliliters to teaspoons [US] converter
1 milliliter is equal 0.20288413621106 teaspoon [US]