Time Unit Conversions

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Time Unit Conversion Table

Time is one of the most frequently used measurements in our daily lives. One can’t even his/her life without clocks, watches, calendars etc as these become essentialities of our daily life. We all plan our daily routine and time table with the help of clock and calendars are highly useful in scheduling our daily, weekly, monthly and yearly schedules for work and fun. Generally, time is measured via clocks and calendars. Clocks measure the physical movement of time, while calendars comprise of abstract systems that represent longer time intervals like days, months, and years. However, shorter units of time are measured in multiples of a second which is also the SI base unit of time.

Very often, we convert small units of time in our head without even taking help from paper and pen. Like we all know there are 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour and hence while converting ‘n’ hours to minutes or seconds most of us do not require any help as these are small values and van easily be converted in our head. But the problem occurs when one needs to convert time units for larger values and more complex conversion factors. Though, this is not remain a problem anymore as Online Conversions is here at your assistance with one of the best online time unit conversion tool that not just converts most common time units like second, minute, hour, day, week and year instantly but is also a powerful tool to convert more detailed and larger units like from kilosecond to megasecond and nanosecond, cosmic year, decade, century and millennium etc.

Online Conversions’ time unit converter allows users to convert time intervals given in different units. Utilizing the conversion tool one can easily and quickly check how many seconds are there in a day, a week and a year. Besides you can also easily calculate how many nanoseconds are in a day or year. Moreover, the conversion table also gives you fast access to some standard and interesting values which are really tough to calculate manually.

Most often used Time Unit measurement conversion
millenniums to centuries converter
1 millennium is equal 10 centuries

centuries to millenniums converter
1 century is equal 0.1 millennium

centuries to years converter
1 century is equal 100 years

years to centuries converter
1 year is equal 0.01 century

years to days converter
1 year is equal 364.99999999999 days

days to years converter
1 day is equal 0.0027397260273973 year

minutes to seconds (min to s) converter
1 minute is equal 60 seconds (s)

seconds to minutes (s to min) converter
1 second is equal 0.016666666666667 minute

seconds to milliseconds (s to ms) converter
1 second is equal 1000 milliseconds (ms)

milliseconds to seconds (ms to s) converter
1 millisecond is equal 0.001 second

microseconds to nanoseconds (μs to ns) converter
1 microsecond is equal 1000 nanoseconds (ns)

nanoseconds to microseconds (ns to μs) converter
1 nanosecond is equal 0.001 microsecond

milliseconds to minutes (ms to min) converter
1 millisecond is equal 1.6666666666667E-5 minute)

minutes to milliseconds (min to ms) converter
1 minute is equal 60000 milliseconds (ms)