Fuel Consumption Conversion Table

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Fuel Consumption Definition:
Fuel economy is the relationship between the distance traveled and fuel consumed.

Has fuel economy ever baffled you? There are droves of people wondering to understand the Fuel economy concept, especially in the present times when the fuel price is skyrocketing.

Our site irrespective of the region you live on a globe will give you an understanding and an ability to fathom your fuel vehicle’s fuel consumption rate.

The first elementary relation that you need to know is fuel economy. It is the distance traveled by your vehicle in a specific amount of fuel, which either can be gallon, or in liter, based on the region you are from. This varying use of units causes the all the confusion.

In the United States, miles per gallon (mpg) is commonly used, which means number of miles your car will run on a gallon of fuel.

In the United Kingdom and Canada, Kilometres per litre (km/L) is used frequently used. Use our tool and convert fuel units among these variations.

Conversions of units:
miles per US gallon ? L/100 km: 235 / mpgUS = L/100 km
miles per Imp. gallon ? L/100 km: 282 / mpgImp. = L/100 km
L/100 km ? miles per US gallon: 235 / (L/100 km) = mpgUS
L/100 km ? miles per Imp. gallon: 282 / (L/100 km) = mpgImp.