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Based on the discipline, the definition of weight varies. The standardized definition says the weight of an object is the force acted upon it by gravity. The definition changes and gets complicated, as state of motion and theory of relativity is included in an equation. Its SI unit of measurement is same as force, which is Newton—he needs no introduction. It was Newton, who first gave a universal theoretical formula for weight in his famous work of classical mechanics.

In practical sense, mass and weight are used interchangeably. As long as you are working on earth, the difference between weight and mass is irrelevant, as the strength of gravity will remain the same. The SI unit of weight, when used in the context of mass, is kilogram (kg) used almost globally, except The US. The accepted unit in the US is pound; one pound is equal to 0.453592 pounds, making weight unit conversions essential.

Other than these units, there are various units, such as exagram, petagram, slug, ounce, tone, quintal, used for various purposes in different parts of the world. On our site, we have made sure that all these units can be converted for your convenience, with great precision.

All this can be done easily with the help of this online conversions tool.

Most often used Weight Unit measurement conversion
carat to gram converter
1 carat (metric) is equal 0.2 gram (g)

gram to carat converter
1 gram (g) is equal 5 carat (metric)

gram to grain converter
1 gram (g) is equal 15.432358352941 grain (gr)

grain to gram converter
1 grain (gr) is equal 0.064798910000002 gram (g)

grain to newton converter
1 grain (gr) is equal 0.00063546023075152 newton (Earth)

newton to grain converter
1 newton (Earth) is equal 1573.6626016979 grain (gr)

pound to tonne converter
1 pound (lb) is equal 0.00045359237 tonne (t)

tonne to pound converter
1 tonne (t) is equal 2204.6226218488 pound (lb)

Weight Unit Definition:
Weight - the force at which earth or any other gravity generating astral body attracts objects, it’s a vector value. In common use weight is often confused with mass.