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Unit conversions are performed with the help a conversion factor. If one knows the conversion factor, converting between units will become a simple multiplication problem. Online Conversions is here presenting a easy-to-use length unit conversion tool using the same one can easily convert length and distance to convert between centimeters, meters, feet, miles, kilometers, decimeters, hectometers, millimeter and other metric units of length and distance.

Conversion of standard units from one form to another is the basic concept of unit conversion. There are many fields and purposes where the need of basic unit conversion might be required. We have designed our length and distance conversion tool with a motive to create a resource that lessen or eliminate complex mental calculation and provide a quick and accurate result to the viewers.

Our length or distance conversion tool could be very useful during traveling. Though, the most common metric used for distance calculation is Kilometer but in some places miles is also used and 1 mile equals to 1.6 kilometers. During traveling around the city or out of the country, one can easily convert distances as per the requirement. These quick calculations can help us to understand speed limit in a highway or also find out distance from one place to another.

Most often used Length Unit measurement conversion
centimeters to millimeters (cm to mm) converter
1 centimeter (cm) is equal 10 millimeters (mm)

millimeters to centimeters (mm to cm) converter
1 millimeter (mm) is equal 0.1 centimeter (cm)

feet to inches (ft to in) converter
1 foot (ft) is equal 12 inches (in)

inches to feet (in to ft) converter
1 inch (in) is equal 0.083333333333334 foot (ft)

kilometers to miles (km to mi) converter
1 kilometer (km) is equal 0.62137119223733 mile (mi)

miles to kilometers (mi to km) converter
1 mile (mi) is equal 1.609344 kilometers (km)

meters to micrometers (m to µm) converter
1 meter (m) is equal 1000000 micrometers (µm)

micrometers to meters (µm to m) converter
1 micrometer (µm) is equal 1.0E-6 meter (m)

microns to nanometers (µ to nm) converter
1 micron (µ) is equal 1000 nanometers (nm)

nanometers to microns (nm to µ) converter
1 nanometer (nm) is equal 0.001 micron (µ)

yards to feet (yd to ft) converter
1 yard (yd) is equal 3 feet (ft)

feet to yards (ft to yd) converter
1 foot (ft) is equal 0.33333333333333 yard (yd)

Length Unit Definition:
Length - according to the geometric definition, length is a quantity that describes the longest dimension of an object. In Euclidean space, it’s how far 2 specific points are from each other.
The standard SI unit of length is the meter.