Miles to Km Conversions

Deciding the exact distance in kilometers, when it is given in miles, can sometimes be a multifarious task. There are 1.60944 kilometers in 1 mile. So, for the ease of use, many people use 1.5 instead of 1.6 while calculating the distance, however this fine-tuning does not give you the exact answer.
1 mile = 1.60944 = 1.60 ˜ 1.5 kilometers
Converting from miles to km on
At, you can convert any miles into exact kilometers, without having to perform any calculation. You just have to select the mile (type) option, assessment of which you want to know in kilometers, and enter your digits. At this page, you get options to convert from international, US, and roman miles to kilometers. As you enter your numbers, you get your answer immediately in no time.
International Mile – As per the international agreement of 1959, in 1 international mile, there are exactly 1609.344 meters, which is almost equal to 1610 meters or 1760 yards.
Statute Mile – Used in the US, statute mile is a standard distance measuring unit, which equals to 1760 yards or 5, 280 feet.
US Survey Mile – Officially adopted by the US government, in 1 US survey mile, there are 1609.347218694 meters, or 1.609347218 kilometers in 1 mile.
Roman Mile – 1 Roman Mile denoted to 5000 Roman feet. The Romans would push a stick in the ground after every 1000 paces of two steps each. In today’s scenarios, 1 Roman Mile equals to 1.479804 kilometers.
Kilometer – km is a standard unit of length in the international metric system. In 1 km, there are 0.621 miles.