Convert Kilograms (kg) to pounds (lbs)

Homemakers, students, and shop owners, professionals, and many others often have to struggle with kilograms to pounds conversion. If you are residing in a region where standard weight measuring unit is pounds, while you feel comfortable in kilograms, or vice versa, this page is of your utility.
Ideally, there are considered 2.20 pounds in 1 kilogram. So, when you have to convert some kilograms, you just have to multiply those kilograms by 2.20. However, for the ease of use, many people use only 2 when converting from kilos to pounds, but this practice only gives you a lump sum figure.
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This page is very easy to use, you do not really have to do any calculation. Moreover, you get your answers in a blink of second. All you have to do is to select the desired units in the boxes below, and enter your digits. As you enter, the output box starts showing the converted figure.
Pounds – Often referred to as Pound-Mass, lb is unit of mass, generally used in the United States. As per the internationally accepted definition, 1 lb equals to 0.45359237 kg.
Kilogram – It is the base unit of mass in SI, the International System of Units and the Metric System. It is that unit that describes how heavy or bulky an object is. There are 1000 grams and/or 0.45 pounds in 1 kilogram weight.