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Force Unit Conversion Table

In terms of Physics, a force is an impel or pull upon an object resulting from the object’s contact with another object. When there is an interface between two objects, there will be a force upon each of the objects. Force only exists as a result of an interaction. Force is measured as Newton (N), the standard metric unit and 1 Newton is the amount of force required to give a 1 kg mass an acceleration of 1 m/s2. There are two types of force: applied and resistive. When one object comes in the contact of another and causes the second object to change its velocity or direction, it is an applied force, while a resistive force is one that opposes motion or change in motion, for example friction and inertia.

Online Conversions enables you to convert from one force unit to another with the help of force unit calculator. Some of the most common force measurement units are dekanewton, decigram force, petanewton, femtonewton, exanewton, ton force, piconewton, nanonewton, kilopond and to name a few. And some of the common metric force unit calculations include Newton to kilonewton, pond to kilopond, millinewton to micronewton, ounce force to gram force, kilogram force to ton force, joule/meter to Newton and pond to Newton.

The force unit measurement conversion table by Online Conversions enables users to covert from one force unit to another by simply selecting the unit to convert from in the input units list and another unit to convert to in another list. Shortly after input, the result tab will provide the conversion result in the result box. Our professional team has designed the conversion tool keeping in mind the convenience of the users. One can easily transform from one unit to another without going through with complicated mathematical calculations.

Most often used Force Unit measurement conversion
dynes to kilonewtons (dyn to kN) converter
1 dyne (dyn) is equal 1.0E-8 kilonewton (kN)

kilonewtons to dynes (kN to dyn) converter
1 kilonewton (kN) is equal 100000000 dynes (dyn)

kips to newtons (kip to N) converter
1 kip (kip) is equal 4448.3985765125 newtons (N)

newtons to kips (N to kip) converter
1 newton (N) is equal 0.0002248 kip (kip)

ponds to newtons converter
1 pond is equal 0.0098066499997877 newton (N)

newtons to ponds converter
1 newton (N) is equal 101.9716213 ponds

Force Unit Definition:
Force - a physical quantity that describes the physical interaction between bodies. The SI unit for force is the Newton (N). The force is equal to one N if it accelerates a mass of one kilogram to 1 meter per second squared.
Force formula:
F = m * a
m - mass
a - acceleration