Convert Fahrenheit to Celcius

Defining Fahrenheit & Celsius
Many a times, there comes a need when you have to use your mathematical wit, to translate some temperature figure from Fahrenheit to Celsius. Some TV channels and newspapers broadcasts connote the temperature in Fahrenheit unit, while you are familiar with the Celsius unit.

To convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius, you can keep the factor that 32 degree Fahrenheit equals to 0 degree Celsius. The formula for calculating Celsius from Fahrenheit becomes -

ºC = (ºF - 32) ÷ 1.8000

However, for the ease of use, some people use 30 in place of 32, and 2 for 1.8000.

So, to get the exact answer, you need to be good and quick at maths. And if you do not feel comfy with this formula, you are at the best place. At this page, you can do any Fahrenheit Celsius calculation, without really having to carry out any calculation! is a fast and intelligent website that stands as a great aid for you during your massive unit conversion exercises. You do not have to do any computation while working on our site; you just have to select the desired units, enter your digits, and there you go.

You just have to select the 'Degree Fahrenheit' in the box below at the left, and 'Degree Celsius' at the right, and enter your desired Fahrenheit figure to get its value in Celsius.

Fahrenheit - Degree Fahrenheit is a standard measuring unit that designates weather, room temperature.

Celsius - Degree Celsius is a temperature measuring systems, employed by most countries in the world.