Energy Unit Conversions

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Energy Unit Conversion Table

The process of changing one form of energy to other is termed as energy transformation or energy conversion. Energy is the capability of a physical system to perform a task or work. It exists in various forms like heat, kinetic or mechanical energy, light, potential energy, electrical and many other forms. There are many sorts of energy units that are converted for different usage. However, the variety of energy units can be divided into two broad categories, basic units and source-based units. Basic units are those whose definition is not related to a particular fuel while units whose meaning is related to idealize properties of a specific fuel are categorized as source-based units.

Some of the basic units are Joule (J), Calorie (cal), British thermal unit (Btu), Kilowatt-hour (kWh) etc. On the other hand, Gigaton (Gton), megaton (Mton), Mega Btu (MBtu) are a few source-based units. Among all, Joule is the most basic energy unit of the International System of Units (SI). It is defined in terms of the meter, kilogram and second. When it comes to convert units of energy, it is important to know the conversion factor. If one is familiar with the conversion factor than converting between units cab become a simple multiplication problem.

In order to provide you with an ease to convert instantly between different energy units, Online Conversions has designed a energy converter tool that lets you instantly convert between joules, calories, kilowatt-hours, kilocalories, kiloelectron, gigawatt and other metric energy units. The simplified and user-friendly energy unit converter eases the task of converting one energy measurement into another. As mentioned above, various measurements are used for energy units on a worldwide basis and with the help of energy unit conversions calculator one can determine the value of one energy unit within seconds. Using the energy conversion tool is very easy as it just requires one to select the first energy unit in the left column and choose another unit in the right column. Soon after selecting the energy units in the given columns, one can get automated calculations instantly on the result tab.